Studio ForjamIn July 2009 construction was completed on a new control room-production suite in Atlanta, Georgia. Studio ForJam also had a recent conversion in December of last year from a large Pro Tools HD Accel system to an Apple Logic-Apogee Symphony 64 system. The Logic-Apogee system along with a 5.1 surround monitoring system, is state of the art with virtually unlimited production capabilities. Studio ForJam is geared to film and television music production. With Apple Logic and the Apogee Symphony system, we have the most versatile digital audio workstation as well as world class digital audio converters. Coupled with a state of the art NAS RAID hard drive array and the new control room environment, Studio ForJam is optimized for rapid music composition and production; from creativity to final mixing and mastering. This studiois the private production facility for 5.1 SurroundA new development in the studio has been the release of Pro Tools 9 from Avid. Pro Tools 11 has allowed me to maintain a workflow that is more compatible with other studios. Pro Tools 11and Steinberg Cubase Pro is probably the most important advancement in digital audio in the past eight to ten years. This complete redesign enables the current Apogee Symphony 64 system to operate as the I/O for Pro Tools 11 thus elevatin

John at Back Stage

g the sound quality of an already amazing platform. The audio environment in Pro Tools is far superior to other DAWs in that multiple assignments for bussing, audio tracks, midi tracks and auxes can be made on the fly. In addition, the pan Law parameter allows for a wider center in the stereo field when mixing; another huge pro audio enhancement.