Working With Tyler Perry

After working for Tyler Perry on 6 different plays I can safely say that he is an amazing talent. I watched him build his own market and take it farther than any playwright has to date. As a cast and band, we helped build a brand that initially only Tyler could see. At the end of every show, Tyler would come out in front of the curtain and greet the audience. 

He would urge them to go to and leave their comments about that night's performance on the bulletin board. He would answer those comments personally every night. This was happening as evening web marketers were still trying to figure out how to monetize the internet. About $1 billion later, I think Tyler had figured it out for himself. You can argue about hor good the plays were, or if they are even legitimate theatre, but no one will ever be able to argue with how successful we all were. This was an amazing opportunity for us all. Thanks TP. We are still rooting for you!