The Right DAW For The Job

 I've had the opportunity to work on a score to video project recently. I've been using Avid Pro Tools 11 for the past year since it's release and have been extremely happy working on pop projects. When it comes to composing and midi production involving more than 50+ tracks, Pro Tools gets a little clunky. 

Not to mention that the new Avid Video Engine from Media Composer is amazing in theory, but still quite buggy. I'm using a two machine system comprised of a 12 core Mac Pro as my main DAW machine and a second 8 core Mac Pro as a Vienna Ensemble Pro server. The system is awesome! At least, until, I start working on large film score sessions. I learn fast that there is a difference in a capable and compliant system, and one that is truly designed for tasks that evolve on a daily basis. Then there is Work Flow! I will do my best to chronicle all of this in coming posts, but the end result is not what you would expect. Stay tuned.