Pro Tools 11

I've been a Pro Tools user since it was Sound Tools as a two track editor. When Pro Tools began to become more midi friendly, around version 6.9, I scored my first feature film with it. To be honest, the score was small and most of the mock up was replaced with live instruments, but Pro Tools did in fact provide the platform that I used to sequence everything. All music was tracked, mixed and delivered in Pro Tools session files all the way to the dub stage. Very efficient. 

I continued to use Pro Tools until version 8 when I had to buy another Mac Pro with an Intel processor. I had an HD5 Accel system with a Magma expansion chassis and too many plugin$ to mention. I remember cursing Avid and selling my system. I bought the fastest 8 core Mac Pro made and an Apogee Symphony 64 system with Rossetta converters and went back to my old friend Logic Pro which had been purchased from Emagic by Apple. The Logic part of this story must wait for an upcoming post. I came back to Pro Tools when version 9 was released. With this new version, I could use my Apogee hardware and leverage all of the 8 core horsepower that my Mac Pro had to work with massive sessions. I had more horsepower with a Pro Tools native system than I did with my HD 5 Accel system. With the new Avid Audio Engine, and Apogee I/O, my rig sounded better than ever. With the newly expanded midi implementation, I was also able to be more productive than using Logic. I could compose and produce, then mix projects, all in the same DAW. Pro Tools did the trick; with a little help that is. As always, IMHO, Avid is weak when it comes to Audio Instruments and their hit on CPUs. Whether the older RTAS format or the new AAX format, working with audio instruments in Pro Tools is a drain on creativity when you need more than a few instruments. One of my composer friends in LA turned me on to Vienna Ensemble Pro as a software instrument host that I could use outside of Pro Tools and stream the audio back in to PT as separate auxes for tracking and then mixing. This system allowed me to create much larger arrangements and still work inside of Pro Tools. I grew my sample libraries and archiving system and have been able to create more music which is what it is all about in the end. Enter the multi machine server system and hit the first road block. More to follow......