The Logical Choice

I have used Apple's Logic Pro since it was Emagic Logic version 2 and was available for PC. Logic was one of the first DAWS and always integrated well with midi production and eventually audio recording as well. I have always liked the feel of the Logic sequencer. Logics workflow is efficient, save the inability to arrange the mixer channels freely to organize tracks. 

A few years ago when Apple bought Logic and integrated it into their pro apps lineup, a lot of music professionals had hope for the product with a seemingly unlimited development budget.  However, with every new version, it seemed Logic began to be less and less a pro app and more of a consumer item. I may not completely agree with this but ran into issues recently that convinced me Logic has ceased to be a solution for MY film score duties and serious midi production in particular.

I had need to use Logic on a scoring project recently and was sadly disappointed with it's performance. It seems that Logic is unable to run a multiport layer in the current Logic X version. Multiport allows midi devices and virtual instruments 16 ports with 16 channels each. This is important when using the Vienna Ensemble Pro for large scoring templates on the host machine as well as satellite machine. I was unable to setup the multiport layer even after numerous 2 to 3 hours sessions. I became aware of the problems with a little research and implemented a work around that got me back on track.

The next issue came as I got deeper into my score project. It seems that Logic X has issues allocating multi thread support on multi core machines. I have a new 12 core Mac Pro and one would think that the software made by the company that makes the hardware and OS would certainly run at it's best. I began to get pops and drop-outs even with large buffer settings. Sometimes the CPU meter would jump like crazy even without playback. I understand all of the details regarding the parallel playback with record engaged and even entertained work-arounds to reallocate  core distribution, but in the end I was losing my creativity and productivity. Time to move on.