Being Bonafide

Being Bonafide

In an effort to get things rolling in a startup, one has to wrestle with the realization that your model is only as good as your word. In my life's work in music, I have watched the industry turn into something that looks a certain way, without ever having to be a certain way. What I mean to say is that credibility and authenticity have given way to the illusion of something without the merit achieved from working hard to master a skill, and then giving that skill to humanity in it's purest form.

I, along with many others, have spent a life in the service and practice of music and it's forms of expression. Studying my instrument meant long hours of practice for many years that still occur even today. This discipline, education and above all genuine experience, have given me the credibility that many people need, count on and even pay for.  This gives me and my contemporaries the label of "bonafide" to borrow a word from  Everette, the ,main character of the film ' Oh brother, Where Art Thou."

This is good news for those of us that have stuck it out while the industry turned it's back on true talent and discipline. It seems that as we settle into the digital age, authenticity has again become king. After years of only having to look the part, real talent and experience is rewarded as being the subject matter expert. This expertise only comes with having done something again and again successfully. This return to the way things used to be, is a welcome change for the entertainment industry, but it is even more true for Social Media Marketing. It appears that the average consumer can see right through the BS. Authenticity is easier to recognize than it was just a few short years agao and is once again rewarded by increased followers and growing communities.

I now find myself having the priviledge of being a part of a new startup that is based on old principles and a lost code of conduct that finds an eager world that waits on every word to be published and songs and films to be recorded. This company is called Make A Hand LLC and is based on the literary works of JPS Brown. It is a Cowboy company that feeds the need of a Western culture. The stories that are told, the songs that are sung, along with the photography and films of a beautiful and authentic west, will be consumed by a market that has been fatigued with what the industry said was real even when we all knew that it was not. Be on the lookout for, and all of the works of JPS Brown, Chris Couture and Richard Padilla. A welcome return to being bonafide!

John F. Forbes

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