Do You Love Your Music?

On a cold day last week I turned on some music in my house to listen to as I managed my online tasks. I have a playlist that consists of Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross and Drake. All new albums and all purchased and downloaded from iTunes although this could easily be about Amazon Music or Google Play Music. I'm playing back from a Gen2 iPod and into an amazing multimedia amp/reciever and then a pair of top of the line speakers. As I'm working, I become aware that the music sounded like crap. It was a bit dark and muffled. I went from Wiz to Rick to Drake and they all sounded pretty much the same. 

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Music Matters  

The Streaming Delima

In a world where we want everything now, we sometimes forget about the effect on our lifestyle and culture our immediate gratification may have. In the world of music, the songwriter depends on royalties paid for the use of his song. Traditionally, royalties are paid directly to the songwriters and publishers for the use of a song. The amount of the royalty is based on a consistent standard and has been the fuel for one of the most prolific and lucrative industries in the world. Now enter the new paradigm of streaming music. 

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Being Bonafide

In an effort to get things rolling in a startup, one has to wrestle with the realization that your model is only as good as your word. In my life's work in music, I have watched the industry turn into something that looks a certain way, without ever having to be a certain way. What I mean to say is that credibility and authenticity have given way to the illusion of something without the merit achieved from working hard to master a skill, and then giving that skill to humanity in it's purest form.

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Living and Working With Passion

It can drive you nuts thinking about how to balance the need to pay your bills with the desire to do something that you are passionate about. The truth is, not many of us will ever have the opportunity to do a job that we love. I was aware at an early age, that I had the gift of music in me.

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A Hard Case

Not a lot of thought goes into flight cases used to transport expensive music and production equipment. If I had one piece of advice that I could give someone in the performance and touring industry, it would be "buy the best case that you can afford."

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The Right DAW For The Job

 I've had the opportunity to work on a score to video project recently. I've been using Avid Pro Tools 11 for the past year since it's release and have been extremely happy working on pop projects. When it comes to composing and midi production involving more than 50+ tracks, Pro Tools gets a little clunky. 

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Pro Tools 11

I've been a Pro Tools user since it was Sound Tools as a two track editor. When Pro Tools began to become more midi friendly, around version 6.9, I scored my first feature film with it. To be honest, the score was small and most of the mock up was replaced with live instruments, but Pro Tools did in fact provide the platform that I used to sequence everything. All music was tracked, mixed and delivered in Pro Tools session files all the way to the dub stage. Very efficient. 

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The Logical Choice

I have used Apple's Logic Pro since it was Emagic Logic version 2 and was available for PC. Logic was one of the first DAWS and always integrated well with midi production and eventually audio recording as well. I have always liked the feel of the Logic sequencer. Logics workflow is efficient, save the inability to arrange the mixer channels freely to organize tracks. 

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Working With Tyler Perry

After working for Tyler Perry on 6 different plays I can safely say that he is an amazing talent. I watched him build his own market and take it farther than any playwright has to date. As a cast and band, we helped build a brand that initially only Tyler could see. At the end of every show, Tyler would come out in front of the curtain and greet the audience. 

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After NAMM 2013

I grew up with a father that owned a music store. He was an early member of NAMM and I remember attending the shows with him when they were at the McCormick Place in Chicago. The retail music industry, prior to the big box takeover, was a vibrant and competitive market. Manufacturers that were innovative, usually ruled the show. Technology actually molded the styles of music that were heard. It seems that the 2013 NAMM show was almost like old times. One may have had the impression that the big box model was running it's course and mom and pop were back in the running. The legacy instruments are coming back into the limelight, but digital technology is here to stay and is evolving at light speed. I am happy to see this. Technology is my friend and it allows me to make the music that I make, and even the music I used to make a little better.