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Cory Padilla released his album, "a Cowboy Operetta" at the opening rodeo for the PRCA on January 31 in Tuscon. The album produced by Ray Kennedy was recorded in Nashville with Chuck Mead and The Grassy Knoll Boys. The album was written as a soundtrack to the novel by JPS Brown titled "The Spirit of Dogie Long." The music was performed and produced in the style of Lefty Frizzel and Bob Wills. Truly a classic album, "A Cowboy Operetta" will be followed up later in 2015 with "The Outfit" also based on a JPS Brown novel of the same name.

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I've been scoring the music for the new Audio Global "Mind Magic" video to be used in broadcast and all international ad campaigns. The project has been ultra exciting encompassing music from many different genres from hardcore Zimmeresque cues to techno CSI moments. The music is providing a colorful backdrop to the voice talent of Daniel Pierce, a Los Angeles actor and voice-over artist. This project has utilized some of the newest technology at all levels of production. Working with vidoegraphers Gemini Productions of Nashville, the entire project has been developed with the global technology market in mind. Release dates for the Apple and Android "Mind Magic" apps are expected to be before Jan 1. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes